“Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.”

“Experience helps. Intellectual capacity helps. But the right attitude will take you far.”

– Benoit Barrette


Since its foundation in 1975, Barrette-Chapais Ltd went beyond inventiveness and has become one of Quebec’s forest industry leaders.


During the last 35 years, four major development phases shaped Barrette-

Chapais Ltd history. First, the period between 1975 and 1980. The plant which was bought in 1975 was originally equipped to produce 16 feet long wood pieces. It rapidly became obvious to the team that producing 8 feet long pieces would improve the usage of the available wood. The sawmill was modified and adapted to manufacture this specialized product.

The 1980s are synonymous with new equipment, such as a thermal plant to power wood dryers and to heat the core buildings. The company also renovated the “barking and sawing” section. It is during this period that the work to speed up the sawing lines began, along with the optimization of the wood fiber utilization. This stimulating work, which is still ongoing today, requires commitment, technical mastery and ingenuity.


For many years, Barrette-Chapais Ltd made sure to maximize the use and value of the fiber by investing massively into R&D. It is only in the early 1990 that this approach paid off and secured employment in the region. The company also developed and integrated an engineering team able to fulfill its particular needs in specialized equipment. It is mainly due to its technicians’ talent, ideas, and engineers’ that Barrette-Chapais Ltd continues to innovate and design the best equipment possible to upgrade its sawing quality.


Nowadays, Barrette-Chapais Ltd relies on ultra-modern installations to continuously improve the results of the equipment developed and installed over the years. Organizing the sawing operation lines based on “Lean Manufacturing Techniques”, making sure that equipment is always available for operations and actualizing them to ensure high levels of technology are only few examples of the new ways introduced over the years. Quality Control is also very important to Barrette-Chapais Ltd for each of its products. It demands special care and a tight follow up during the entire manufacturing process. To ensure the best practices in Quality Control, the company uses the “Six Sigma” management techniques. Finally, to maintain a competent work force satisfying its needs, Barrette-Chapais Ltd offers advanced classes to its employees and only recruits new candidates which already have appropriate training and competences.


The result of all these developments positioned Barrette-Chapais Ltd as one of the highest performing wood sawing companies. The company has a high recuperation rate and an excellent degree of control of the different transformation techniques it uses.