“Impossible is not an answer.”

–Yves Barrette


Committed. Ingenious. People who have fun challenging themselves. This is Us. This is Barrette-Chapais Ltd.

Performing in a continuously changing industry. This is a challenge Barrette-Chapais Ltd must face every day. Year after year, one fact remains: the team is overflowing with ideas.

Founded more than 35 years ago, the company counts more than 200 members in its “20 Years of Service” Club; a testimony of its team’s spirit and depth. Having a strong ability to adapt and be flexible are the true forces the team uses to overcome every challenge.

Right from the start, Barrette-Chapais Ltd learned how to adapt its primary resource to its needs and not to adapt itself to the resource. Not surprisingly, its sawmill became the best East of the Rockies in regards to optimal use of small size logs. Barrette-Chapais Ltd team thinks differently and deploys its best efforts to always outdo itself.

Employing more than 300 workers, Barrette-Chapais Ltd is a dynamic, performing and avant-garde company, while respecting its employees.